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The Benefits Of Interactive Teaching Panels

The Benefits Of Interactive Teaching Panels

There has been an increased usage of Interactive Panels in schools, universities and various other institutions around the country. And it has been proved to be useful for both teaching and learning in variable ways, such as stimulating the enthusiasm of lecturers and students alike, more efficient interaction classes, increasing teachers’ overall productivity and students’ attainment.


Interactive panels are highly versatile tools which can be used to teach anyone of any age. Teachers who use them regularly to teach their students have reported a great deal of success when it comes to presenting engaging lessons and they have been shown to provide significant benefits across all age groups and abilities.


The interactive panel supports most multi-media materials, such as images, texts, audio and video documents from various input devices, including desktops, laptops, DVD players, USB drive. With this flexibility of the interactive panel, teachers are not restricted to paper documents, cards, and other traditional education equipment, which in turn creates a more interesting teaching environment and offers different materials available to suit the different needs of both the teachers and the students alike.


One of the main advantages of interactive panels is that all work can be saved with ease as everything is done through computer. They are also fantastic for demonstrations or lectures through the use of PowerPoint and can be used to delivery presentations with ease.

Immediate connectivity to the web

The advantage of using interactive panels for demonstrations is that if a teacher wants to show the class/group how to use a particular website or specific software then they can simply get the website or information up on the panel and go through it bit by bit on the panel.

The panel also makes interaction between teachers and students easier with more diverse and effective teaching documents.

Fully customised to teacher needs

The teachers can stress the particular parts by underlining, circling and annotating with digital ink in arrange of different colours to improve understanding of lessons. Erasing or saving the remarks and annotations is also possible, hence, the teachers can preserve their documents in the way they need.

Group Work

The interactive panel also promotes group work. The teacher puts a stimulus onto the interactive whiteboard and adds the class into groups then the class are able to interact and add their contribution directly onto the panel.

Who to turn to?

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