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Promethean Student ActivPen 50 - 2 Pack

£5625 + VAT
SKU: S10125

Student ActivPen 50 - 2 Pack.

Teachers told us they found that touch-sensitive screens could be temperamental. Educational specialists told us children’s writing is best developed by holding and using a pen from a young age. So Promethean designed a unique battery-free, wire-free ActivPen. ActivPen’s mouse-like functionality and pen-like personality offer come-to-the-board capability that today’s tech-minded kids know and use well.

What is the Promerhean Student ActivPen? It writes just like a pen ... and acts just like a mouse. And it’s highly, highly accurate and precise. So you can measure and mark on screen to the millimetre or degree. 

Model ActivPen 50 · Works with Promethean's new ActivBoard Range (100, 300, and 300 Pro) · Connectivity Wireless, battery-free · Dimensions 167mm x 20mm x 23mm (6.57 in x .79 in x .91) · Weight 25g (0.9oz)

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