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Mk2 Robust Almost Unbreakable Headphone Detachable Cable 2 x 3.5mm jacks

£1100 + VAT
SKU: S9615

Extremely robust (virtually unbreakable) school headphones with inbuilt microphone and removable cable.

Designed for education and has proved to be the most long-lasting of our headphones, ideal for school use in IT suites, computer and foreign language labs, classroom or offices. Ideal for all KeyStage 2 to 6 pupils

The extremely durable design has a steel tensioned headband that can be twisted and bent so avoids most accidental damage, for example if the headphones are sat on by mistake.

The boom microphone is fabricated in to the left ear piece, and it is fixed and non-detachable.

The 2m detachable braided cable won’t get tangled up as easily as a more traditional cable.

The volume control is integrated into the back of the left ear piece. This makes it difficult to fiddle with but allows the wearer to adjust the sound to a comfortable level.

The unit is black with removeable, red, dishwasher-proof silicone ear pads. These have been designed with infection control in mind. They are hard to remove but are designed to come off to be washed, they simply slot back in.

They have been designed with a detachable cable providing either 1 x USB jack plug, or 2 x 3.5mm connectors or a single 4 pole connector for use with computers, phones and tablets.  

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