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MAXHUB UC P30 PTZ camera

£1,18500 + VAT
SKU: S1003

Dual Lens 4K Camera

  • Main camera 8MP、12x optical zoom, DFOV 90° 
  • Panoramic camera Powerful 8MP camera with 120°FOV wide angle
    lens detects participants in real-time while directing the PTZ
    camera with the best view
  • AI-powered features: AF、ST

Manage and Control

  • Remotely manage and control via MAXHUB Pivot or room control on MAXHUB Microsoft Teams
  • POE supported


AI Powered Tracking Features

Adjusts the camera view to keep all participants in a room centered. lt does this by real-time detection and tracking of the number and positions of the participants. 

Speaker Tracking

Speaker Tracking focuses on the active speaker in real-time, enhancing engagement with a life like meeting experience.

Presenter Tracking

Presenter Tracking keeps the presenter centered by following them during a presentation, offering remote participants an immersive experience.

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