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MaxHub IFP T8630

£6,60000 + VAT
SKU: S3107

Premium All-in-One Collaboration Display

The MAXHUB V6 Transcend Series represents the pinnacle of sophisticated design and technological innovation. The T Series is a premium collaboration display that is a good partner for exceptional organizations.

Functional Integration

The MAXHUB V6 T Series delivers a sense of luxury with its modern workspace aesthetic and 95% screen-to-body ratio. The all-in-one display integrates camera, microphone, speaker, and touch panel. You can start the meeting right after plugging in the power supply.

95% screen-to-body ratio
All-in-one display
Plug-and-play simplicity
Privacy is the Priority
Engineered to perform when confidentiality is essential, our new-generation flip camera enhances the privacy of meeting attendees by opening when enabled, and flipping closed when not in use. Enjoy hassle-free meetings, knowing your data is secure.
Flip camera
Auto flip when camera is on, and auto-hide when camera is off. You are fully protected to have safe meetings.
Screen-sharing based on AES 128bit and SM4
With enhanced security capabilities and top-of-the-line encryption algorithms, you'll never have to worry about data leaks.
Never Miss a Thing
As the premium collaboration display of V6, the T Series delivers a polished video meeting experience.
See Vividly
The 48MP + 8MP dual camera with 3x optical zoom, enhances engagement by supporting WDR, auto-framing, and speaker tracking.
WDR Dynamic Anti-Backlight technology
Maintains ideal lighting contrast, preserving image clarity even under extreme lighting conditions.
The display automatically adjusts to achieve the best angle based on the number of participants and their location – you'll feel like you're communicating in person.
Speaker Tracking
Speaker tracking technology locates the sound source in real time, ensuring the speaker is always the centre of attention.
Be Heard Clearly
Equipped with 8 array microphones at a 180° wide-angle and 8-meter voice pickup range, the MAXHUB V6 Transcend Series makes sure everyone is heard clearly.
Sound Artist
Overhead speakers 2×10W+2×15W 2 speakers and 2 subwoofers
The overhead seam speaker design effectively counters obstacles to clear sound transmission, improving uniformity in large conference rooms.
MAXHUB Acoustic System
Echo Cancellation AI Noise Cancellation AI Voice Localization De-Reverberation AGC (automatic gain control)
Thanks to the MAXHUB Intelligent Acoustic System, every remote participant is able to hear clearly. With the built-in MAXHUB acoustic system, every original sound is preserved.
Life Write
The MAXHUB V6 Transcend Series offers a true-to-life writing experience that is intuitive and precise. By combining P-CAP touch technology and the MAXHUB Stylus, users are able to build an interactive, collaborative workspace by capturing creative ideas, generating hand-draw industrial designs, creating art, collating brainstorm ideas, and more.
Engaging Picture Clarity
Bring virtual meetings and presentations to life in vivid color. Improved contrast and clarity mean interactions are more lifelike, and images and presentations are more eye catching. The 4K display is four times more powerful than HD.
90% NTSC color gamut
Color gamut is the range of colors that can be accurately shown in a scenario. The greater, the better. With 90% NTSC, the V6 Series is suitable for high-end design, photography, film, and video.
E≤2 high color accuracy display
Color accuracy is essential for highly visual applications like design work. The V6 Series has a color accuracy △E≤2 to deliver the original color and achieve professional-grade imagery.
Anti-glare tempered glass
High-strength, anti-glare, tempered glass significantly reduces scratches in over time use. Poor lighting is no longer an issue during conferencing – the screen remains bright, displaying intricate detail.
More Opportunities to Share
Expand collaborative opportunities by sharing from up to 9 devices simultaneously*; the panel's low latency preserves the 4K resolution so your interactions don't lag and the 4K resolution is maintained.
BYOD Anywhere
Access the V6 Transcend Series panel's camera, microphone, and speakers directly from your own device when you start a meeting from your laptop.
Additional Features
Share Ideas, Not Germs
The V6 T Series, as well as the Classic Series, allows for more collaboration than ever before, which means more people touching the device and accessories. But there's no need to wipe devices or clean hands between presenters thanks to the innovative antibacterial glass, passive styluses, and device buttons constantly working to keep you safe.
Sustainability in Design
ENERGY STAR-certified, the MAXHUB V6 Transcend Series, as well as the V6 ViewPro Series, helps you protect the environment and save on costs.
Instant Device Access and Management
IT teams can easily access and manage all your MAXHUB devices instantly through the cloud. Remotely update device firmware, turn the screen on/off, install apps, deliver a message to all panels, and more using the pre-installed MAXHUB device-management app.

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