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BenQ LW600ST Projector

£94500 + VAT
SKU: S8001

Excellent for Versatile Scenarios and Reliable Performance

The BenQ LW600ST short throw LED projector is an excellent choice for a variety of indoor projection and recreational sports in constrained spaces. With a 0.72 short throw ratio and easy-to-maintain LED light source, the LW600ST provides a flexible short throw range and long-lasting vivid colors for clear and bright images even in small rooms.

Flexible Installation for Truly Immersive Experiences

0.72 Short Throw Ratio & 1.2x Zoom

Best for indoor interactive entertainment and recreational sports, the LW600ST projects images larger than 180” within just 2.7 meters. Its short-distance projection prevents people or objects from getting in the way and casting a shadow on the projected image, ensuring the most immersive viewing experience possible.

2D Keystone & Corner Fit

The LW600ST’s digital trapezoid correction function allows users to correct images easily. Use the remote control to correct the display with just a few button clicks and use Corner Fit for final image fine-tuning.

Easy Aspect Ratio Switching

The BenQ LW600ST short throw LED projector features Screen Fill, which allows the projector to easily switch its native resolution to match your desired aspect ratio while maintaining image resolution, also with just a few clicks in the OSD menu.

Wi-Fi Ready for Wireless Projection

Wi-Fi Ready with an optional dongle, the LW600ST makes it easy for users to wirelessly connect computers or mobile devices and project content onto the big screen with no cables or wires.

Small and Sleek Design

The LW600ST features a small size and sleek matte black finish that integrates seamlessly into SI equipment without causing distracting reflections during projection.

Multiple Entertainment Options

With dual HDMI 2.0b ports and a built-in 10W speaker for quick and easy switching between different devices and audio sources, the LW600ST has you covered with versatile connectivity options when hooked up to a game console, streaming device, or speaker.

Long-Lasting, Accurate, and Vivid Colors

Vivid Image Reproduction

Equipped with an LED that delivers 95% Rec. 709 wide color gamut, the LW600ST displays true-to-life and highly accurate colors. This results in a realistic and immersive viewing experience, bringing your content to life with vibrant and precise color performance over a 20,000-hour light source lifespan.

High Brightness LED

Experience stunning brightness with the BenQ LW600ST LED projector. Its highly vibrant colors combine with strong brightness to create an eye-catching H-K Effect, providing an immersive and realistic viewing experience.

DLP Technology for Lasting Vibrant Colors

The highly durable DLP chip lasts over 100,000 hours without degradation, ensuring true-to-life colors and pristinely legible text over countless uses.

Exclusive Color Modes

The LW600ST offers various color modes, allowing users to choose preferred color tuning for different scenarios. BenQ exclusive Golf Mode adds color to better render grassy areas, sand traps, and sky with increased realism.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

20,000-Hour Lifespan with No Lamp Replacement

The LW600ST LED projector guarantees up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, saving you money on lamp replacements and maintenance. Take advantage of the consistently impressive brightness for up to 30,000 hours under Eco Mode.

Filter-Free with Dustproof Design

The LW600ST is filter-free and has a dustproof design, ensuring that you can enjoy long lasting and reliable projection without worrying about regular cleaning or filter replacement.

Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient

Save energy and money with the BenQ LW600ST LED projector, which reduces energy consumption by 15% compared to traditional lamp projectors. With a chassis made of post-consumer recycled materials, the LW600ST is environmentally conscious and TUV and UL-certified.

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