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BenQ LW730 Projector

£97125 + VAT
SKU: S8002

Bright and Vivid Presentation

LW730’s 4200 lumens LED high brightness offers outstanding colour precision and saturation, faithfully representing your heavy-graphic presentations to boost communication efficiency.

98% Rec.709 LED Colour

Greater colour precision and higher colour saturation

4,200 ANSI Lumen Brightness

Advanced LED technology provides High-brightness in a well-lit large meeting room

Designed for Ceiling Mount

The audience at the back rows can easily view the whole projected image

30,000 Hours Lifespan

Up to 30,000-hour life span (Eco Mode) and less power consumption

Instant On/Off

Delivering immediate full brightness with no waiting times


Mercury-free LED light source with no lamp replacement

Superior Image Quality

LED High Brightness for Sharp and Vivid Images

LW730 LED projectors offer 4,200-lumen brightness for presenters to deliver professional presentations in lit medium-sized conference rooms. Leveraging the 98% Rec.709 colour coverage and the H-K effect, LW730 offers higher colour saturation that faithfully represents meeting presentations with sharp-clear texts and vivid images.

Superior Contrast with DLP Technology

The DLP technology of LW730 performs at a superior contrast level compared to 3LCD projectors, which contain too much brightness on the screen from the internal light panel. This makes the numbers and details much better defined against the brighter white background or in dark scenes.

Well-Delivered Graphics and Data in Crystal-Clear Image

Present your brilliant ideas with clarity via BenQ LW730 LED projector’s high-quality all-glass low-dispersion lens array in a special coating, which minimizes chromatic aberration.

Exclusive Picture Modes for Modern Presentations

A perfect fit for infographic-heavy presentations, BenQ LW730’s Infographic Mode is great for showcasing the text and graphics in detail in more saturated and lively colours.

Designed for Ceiling Mount with Good Installation Flexibility

Designed for mid-sized and large conference rooms, LW730 is especially good for ceiling mount installation due to its projection offset. Participants in the back row get a clear view of the entire projected image without rows or any objects in front blocking sightlines.

Image Calibration for Ideal Projection Alignment

LW730 is equipped with auto vertical keystone correction and two-dimensional keystone correction to counteract the trapezoid effect. Corner Fit control can adjust each corner respectively for perfectly aligned image geometry.

Digital Image Shrinking and Shift

To adjust the image not precisely aligned on the screen, installers can shrink the image to 75% in size by increments of 0.5% and shift the image via the OSD menu without reinstalling or moving the projector.

High Reliability, Easy Maintenance

20,000-Hour Lifespan with No Lamp Replacement

BenQ LW730 LED projectors guarantee 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, saving costs for lamp replacement and maintenance and creating value that exceeds the expenses of 10 lamp replacements over the life of the projector. LW730 LED projectors are capable of consistently impressive brightness for up to 30,000 hours under Eco mode.

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