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BenQ LH820ST Projector

£2,02500 + VAT
SKU: S8011

LH820ST 3600lms 1080p Immersive Projector

Immersive multi-projector display for small spaces.
  • Smooth and Realistic Interaction: Fast Mode with latency <17ms (@1080P/60Hz)
  • Large Images within a Short Distance: T/R 0.5 with Full HD resolution
  • Effortless and Consistent Blending: BenQ unique Factory White Balance Adjustment
  • Flexible Installation: Support wide corner fit adjustment and 2D keystone
  • Maintenance-Free Laser Light Source: 30,000 hours light source life with IP5X Dustproof sealed engine

Tool-Free Blending for Small Room Interactive Immersion

The BenQ LH820ST laser projector is an entry-level immersive and simulation projector with low latency and user-friendly colour calibration technology to effectively reproduce dynamic images for sleek immersion while saving effort in multi-projector installations.

Fast Mode with 16.67ms Low Latency

Years of experience in designing and manufacturing gaming projectors makes BenQ an expert in improving the latency to better operate the simulation systems. LH820ST’s Fast Mode offers 16.67ms@1080p/60Hz to ensure smooth dynamic images and deeply realistic experiences.

Dual Colour Wheel Reproduces 90% Rec. 709 Colour Accuracy

The LH820ST laser projector utilises DLP technology with a dual colour wheel system. With RGBY colour and accurate calibration by the BenQ colour expert team, the LH820ST perfectly depicts 90% of the Rec. 709 colour for accurate image reproduction.

Vivid Clarity in Bright Ambient Environments

LH820ST’s 3600 ANSI Lumen high brightness and 1080p high resolution produce high quality images under bright ambient lighting. And its 3,000,000:1 native high contrast reproduces true blacks, vivid colours, and exquisite details.

IP5X DustGuard™ Dustproofing for Severe Conditions

LH820ST utilises sealed laser modules and enclosed light engines to protect the DMD chip, colour wheel sensor, laser package, and other optical components. This lock-and-key design hermetically seals the engine from dust to prolong the projector’s lifespan. The technology has also passed the dust chamber test standard for the international dustproof rating of IP5X.

White Balance Calibration for Seamless Edge Blending

BenQ LH820ST with exclusive white balance adjustments reduce white balance variables between images projected from different projectors to Delta E<2 that the most people cannot see any difference. This allows for seamless and accurate picture quality without disruptive discrepancies, saving the installation staff from repetitious fine-tuning.

Short-Throw Design Shatters Space Constraints

The LH820ST short-throw laser projector is best for indoor interactive entertainment, simulation training, and commercial space exhibitions. It’s easy to project images larger than 100” within 1.07m and short-distance projection prevents people or objects from getting in the way and casting a shadow on the projected image for the most immersive viewing experience possible.

Digital Shrink and Shift for Accurate Image Adjustment

After the projector is installed, LH820ST allows installation staff to adjust the projected image by reducing and moving it by 0.5% to where you want accurately.

Blanking for Image Cropping

Blanking feature crops the useless image pixels from irregular projected image while maintaining detail and image quality. Get the perfect square image without any pixel loss.

Large 2D keystone + Corner Fit

LH820ST’s digital trapezoid correction function allows users to correct images easily. Use the remote control, and you can correct the images in a few clicks. Besides, Corner Fit allows users for final fine-tuning.

Easy-to-Maintain Centralised Remote Management

LAN Control and Firmware Update

Centralised management staff remotely control multiple projectors via the LAN network and update their firmware at the same time. The LH820ST also supports RS-232 for reliable long-distance installations (up to 15 meters) when LAN infrastructure isn’t available.

Multiple Control System Compatibility

BenQ LH820ST laser projectors are compatible with Creston, AMX and PJ Link control systems for convenient system integration with various third-party components for centralised management of multiple projectors at less cost.

Device Management Solution (DMS)

DMS is the solution that allows multiple projectors distributed in different rooms, different floors, and even different buildings to be managed by the IT staff via this centralised management system with remotely effective control and monitoring.

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