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Almost Unbreakable Childrens Headphones 1 x 4 pole

£1200 + VAT
SKU: S16712
: Black

Designed for children and teenagers, these robust super flexible kids headphones allow you to protect their hearing by restricting the volume to a maximum of 85 dB, so that young ears cannot be harmed by having the volume too loud.  Ideal for schools.

The World Health Organisation recommends that noise levels are limited to 85dB, as prolonged exposure to noise levels above this may damage your hearing, and loud noise above 120dB can cause immediate harm to your ears making them the perfect education / classroom headphone.

Our almost unbreakable kids headphones feature a "Shareport". So there is no need for a splitter as another headphone can plug into a socket on the other side of the headphone. Normally 4 headphones can be connected from a single audio source without any discernible loss of volume. Connecting up to 6 headphones is possible, but a slight sound reduction might be noticed.

These headphones include an adjuster to allow for children and adults alike to wear them in comfort.

The lead is 120cm approx in length with an inbuilt microphone and is detachable and so should not be damaged by walking away without disconnecting.

Manufactured from safe, soft, bendable, non-toxic EVA foam, making them almost unbreakable.

Although these headphones are volume-limited, there is no compromise on sound quality and they provide clear, distinct sound for your music, audiobook program or movie/television soundtrack .

Universal single 4 pole 3.5mm stereo plug for use with PCs, iPads/Tablets, all popular smart phones, iPads, MP3, DVD players etc.

Recommended for children age 6-18, (Key Stages 1-5).

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