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ML340P Thermal Transfer Printer

£69900 + VAT
SKU: S9011

Part Code: 99-080A006-0203


ML240P, 2.3",USB+RS-232+ Ethernet+USB host+RTC,DRAM 64MB/FLASH 128MB,Wi-Fi slot-in housing,EU (EMEA)


The TSC ML Series is a brand new generation of smaller industrial barcode label printers that are designed to fit into more work areas than ever before. The ML Series features a compact footprint, durable and flexible design, ease of use, noise-reduced printing, self-diagnostic TPH Care, and tool-free maintenance. The ML Series is available in 203 and 300 dpi print resolutions. The printer incorporates a robust die-cast aluminum print mechanism engine that is ideal for light industrial duty printing. Streamlined and Small Footprint Design Compared to our best-selling TSC ME Series, the ML Series is 34% smaller. Compared to TSC TTP-244M Pro Series, the ML240 Series is 23% smaller. The small footprint design saves more space and fits in limited operation areas. Robust and Agile Design for Optimal Quality The combination of rugged die-cast, modularized base, and adjustable TPH module design structure optimizes print quality. Engineered to Reduce Noise from Printing The ML Series 4-Inch Performance Industrial Printers are engineered for minimal noise production during printing operation. Self-Diagnostic TPH Care Mechanism The ML Series incorporates an advanced mechanism allowing for real-time printhead health status detection. It can stop printing errors to ensure stable and high-quality printouts. Not having to reprint labels reduces cost and eliminates supplies waste. Effortless User Operation with Color Display The ML240 Series has a user-friendly design providing a wide-open angle for easy media handling. Its easy-to-use 2.3-inch color GUI display and real-time LED indicator is designed to be intuitive making printer operation effortless. One-Step Maintenance No tools are required to remove and replace both the printhead and platen roller, saving time for more important tasks.


Take a step into a new generation of smaller industrial barcode label printers that are designed to fit into more work areas. They feature a durable design, ease-of-use, noise-reduced printing, self-diagnostic TPH Care and easy maintenance.Qualifies for:- Extended Warranty 3, 4, 5 years- Comprehensive Warranty 2, 3, 4, 5 yearsThe compact footprint of the ML Series is perfect for crowded work environments. With its enhanced design and printing algorithm, the noise level from printing operation is dramatically reduced. The adjustable thermal printhead and self-diagnostic TPH Care mechanism ensure optimal print quality regardless of the application or label design.

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