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SMART Board 6075 75" Interactive Panel with iQ 4K UHD

£3,49917 + VAT
SKU: S16367

SMART 6075 Interactive Flat Panel with iQ 4K UHD LED -  Education only

SMART 6075 interactive flat panel with iQ is the hub of your classroom.  iQ technology connects devices and lesson content.  It includes: -

  • Multi-way inking - All remote participants can write on the display in real-time from any device.  Different ink colours make ideas come alive and help identify contributions.
  • Display-to-devices - Connect any Android or iOS device to SMART iQ and you can share and save in real-time to any connected laptop, tablet, smartphone or other SMART iQ displays.
  • Connect to the display through SMART iQ app using a QR code and share the meeting with participants in the room or across the globe for multi-way inking, capturing and saving.
  • Diverse SMART Learning Suite software applications - Notebook lessons, amp workspaces, lab gamification activities and whiteboard, plus collaborative tools, such as wireless screen shring and a web browser.
  • Each Panel includes 1 years SMART Learning Suite software

The 75" 4K ultra-high definition LED display provides optimal image clarity and wide viewing angles.  With the Pen ID feature you can assign different appearances to the two pens and write or draw over any application in digital ink.

Object awareness allows you to perform mouse functions with your finger, write in digital ink with the pen and erase with your palm or eraser - all without switching tools or modes.  You can use a variety of gestures in applications and two users can write or draw at the same time.



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