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BenQ Touch Pens (DSY21) 2pk

£4500 + VAT
SKU: S295

Pen with NFC tag for interactive displays | DSY21

Tap the NFC reader to open EZWrite, and enjoy a smooth writing experience

  • Especially designed for the RP series
  • Two easy grip pens: thcik tip and fine tip
  • Built-in NFC tags for instant EZWrite access
  • Convenient colour Assignment for different users
  • Water-resistant for carefree use
One tap to start writing. Two pens for dual users.

Designed for the RP series, the DSY21 pens offer you instant whiteboard access and intuitive features for simultaneous writing and creation.

Enable whiteboarding with a single tap

With its built-in NFC tag, you can just tap the end of a pen on the display’s NFC sensor to launch EZWrite and start writing.

Distinct colours for side-by-side writing

Designed for active collaboration, the DSY21 pens can be used with the dual-pen mode on EZWrite. When two users annotate simultaneously, contrasting colours are assigned to each of their pen strokes, making it easy to pinpoint who’s writing what.

Created for comfortable use

With its curved triangular barrel, the ergonomically designed DSY21 pens are easy to grip and write with. Used on BenQ interactive displays, they ensure smooth and natural strokes on the screen—just like ink on a canvas.

Uninterrupted writing without any charging

The DSY21 pens require no batteries or charging, allowing you to write and annotate freely without any interruptions. Just walk up to a BenQ interactive display, pick up a pen, and work for as long as you need to. And since both pens are straightforward and sturdy, they don’t require special care or maintenance.


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