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AirTame for Education

Empowering teachers, inspiring students, optimizing IT

Choose the market leader in EDU for collaboration and digital signage

Powerful collaboration

Screen mirroring from any device

Screen sharing in an educational environment should be as easy and reliable as turning on a light switch.

Airtame brings this simplicity into your classrooms and other learning spaces, letting your teachers focus on teaching rather than having to worry about logging in or navigating complex interfaces.

Collaborate with unparalleled ease and flexibility:

  • Screen share from a Chrome web browser, Miracast, Airplay, Google Cast or the Airtame application
  • Secure sharing with PIN code access

Digital Signage & Emergency Alerts

Customize your screens to suit your needs

Every screen in your school has the ability to do so much more. Unlock their true potential by taking advantage of Airtame’s robust digital screen signage capabilities (included with every Airtame purchase).

Highlight student work, display class schedules, cafeteria menus, event information and motivational images. Use your screens for hygiene notices, emergency updates – or just to remind everyone what time it is! Make sure your screens aren’t wasted.

Airtame integrates with tools you already use like Google Slides, Powerpoint, and YouTube so you can get up and running, quickly.

Take control of your screens

Manage your screens from anywhere in the world

You have no time to waste during the school day, and with screens spread across multiple buildings, you need tools that allow you to manage and maintain them on your own terms.

Whether you’re onsite or offsite, here are some of the amazing things you can do with Airtame Cloud:

  • Schedule when your screens turn on and off
  • Get an instant visual overview of all of your digital signage
  • Receive alerts if any displays fall offline
  • Delegate responsibilities with user permissions

Follow the links below for either the AirTame 2 or the AirTame Hub

Airtame 2 – Crusader AV

Airtame Hub – Crusader AV