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AirTame for Business

Turn your screens into an easy collaboration tool

When you’re running a hybrid meeting – with remote colleagues on a video conference, and others in the same room with you – that shared screen on the wall becomes the link between the team. So it’s vital that your room set-up is secure, stable, and as easy to use as your regular conferencing app.

Brainstorming with teammates in the room? A simple screen-sharing solution makes it easy to show your ideas on the main screen, or work together on a document or slide deck. And when the screen isn’t being used? Utilize it to share company information and announcements with anyone on the team.

Conferencing, screen sharing and digital signage

You could choose a standard Microsoft Teams or Zoom solution for your meeting rooms, and a stand alone screen sharing device for other locations. Maybe add a third option to turn your static screens into information boards.

Or you could choose a single solution that can provide both screen sharing and hybrid conferencing, as well as digital signage, all managed in a single cloud application.

Follow the links below for either the AirTame 2 or the AirTame Hub

Airtame 2 – Crusader AV

Airtame Hub – Crusader AV